Cotton Calico drawstring bags from Stateline Bag Co Australia can be used in endless ways but no matter what you’re using them for, a huge advantage to them is the actual drawstring itself. The drawstring can be used to “draw” or tighten the bag to close it and keep it closed. The drawstring will be loose when not being used so it’s easy to fill with whatever you’re putting in them. Then when tightened you won’t have to worry about it coming open and exposing what’s inside, spilling out or being damaged.

There are many advantages to using calico drawstring bags from State Line Bag Co Australia, 171 Collins Street, Level 5 Melbourne Victoria, Australia,3000.

Drawstring bags stay tight protecting your items.

When carrying your drawstring bags, the drawstring creates a handle that makes it easy and comfortable to carry, while the bag is strong enough to hold heavy objects inside without the bag breaking, the seams pulling apart or the drawstring “handle” coming loose or breaking either. When carrying your drawstring bag the drawstring will actually continue to tighten as you are technically pulling it closed even tighter, even though you’re simply carrying it. You can feel comfortable swinging the bag around if you’re in a hurry and you’ll know that the contents inside won’t be able to come out of the bag and nothing will be able to penetrate the inside as well.

A string attached to a bag is a very simple thing but it makes an incredible difference compared to bags without it. Drawstring bags from Stateline Bag Co Austraila are high-quality bags and when needed will stay closed, open easily and last a long time. Our bags are not the kind of drawstring bags that you purchase and a month later you pull the drawstring to close the bag and it pulls off and the bag is ruined.State Line Co Australia bags are durable, washable and reusable.

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